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Course of Action

Connecting science, people, and policy to drive solutions.

A critical window of opportunity.

Severe gaps in Arctic carbon monitoring and modeling have created large uncertainties in estimates of greenhouse gas emissions from permafrost thaw. As a result, these emissions are not fully counted in global carbon budgets and have been left out of climate policy. These omissions put us at risk of miscalculating how aggressively we must curb emissions to meet internationally agreed upon limits, and hinder our ability to develop informed adaptation strategies.

The sooner we incorporate permafrost thaw emissions into our strategies to address the climate crisis, the better equipped we will be to limit future harm.

Permafrost Pathways is coordinating a comprehensive monitoring network to improve tracking and modeling of Arctic permafrost and carbon fluxes, and fostering partnerships with local leaders and national policymakers to harness these data to support Arctic community adaptation and drive international climate mitigation policy change.

Monitoring and Modeling

Coordinating a pan-Arctic monitoring network and modeling initiative that will fill critical gaps in our ability to track and forecast permafrost thaw and resulting carbon emissions.

Monitoring & Modeling

Mitigation Policy

Providing local leaders, national policymakers, and international bodies with the data needed to incorporate permafrost emissions into climate mitigation policy.

Mitigation policy

Adaptation Strategies

Partnering with Alaska Native communities to co-create equitable, community-driven adaptation strategies and advance a just governance framework to ensure Arctic residents have the resources necessary to confront hazards stemming from climate change.

Adaptation Strategies

Our Impact.

Permafrost thaw is already creating widespread ground collapse, erosion, and landscape changes that are threatening the homes and lifeways of Arctic residents. At the same time, resulting carbon emissions can exacerbate warming, narrowing our window to act to reduce climate hazards. By harnessing the latest climate science and bringing together leading researchers, Arctic community leaders, Indigenous knowledge holders, and policymakers from around the world, we will drive just and equitable solutions to both the local and global impacts of our rapidly warming Arctic.

We have built a team with decades of experience and expertise in climate science, policy action, and environmental justice to drive a collaborative approach to addressing the crisis of permafrost thaw.

Our People and Partners

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